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Interview mit Pierre in New York —> Interview als pdf

Pierre Favre, Samuel Blaser and Philipp Schaufelberger @ The Stone 3/13/12

3 people I never heard of! It was a fantastic ensemble. I bought a CD of the drummer’s when I was there the week before.

I love it and didn’t want to miss what might be my one chance to see him live. That was a good move since he is incredibly awesome.

I loved having a trombone and guitar to round out the trio.

Pierre Favre Ensemble: Le Voyage (2011)

Pierre Favre is a scion of the improvisation scene in Europe and beyond. There’s always been a reflective element in his drum and percussion work that suggests a slightly conservative disposition which has been manifested in a kind of politeness and reticence. Those two qualities in many respects sum up the music on this disc. While the antithesis of those qualities does not necessarily make for compelling music, in this case of this recording the overall mood is slightly soporific, as if the music could at any time simply merge with the background, never to catch the ear again. [...more ]

Record Label: Intakt Records