Pierre Favre Solo

No other European Country has produced as many good drummers as Switzerland. Indeed, Switzerland was definitely the first European Country whose drummers could be named in the same breathe with the great American drum stars. [...more ]

Pierre Favre Ensemble

This ten piece ensemble sounds wonderful due to the thoughtful, engaging music that Mr. Favre has written. The music is more orchestral sounding with warm, well conceived harmonies and songs with different sections. [...more ]

Pierre Favre – Philipp Schaufelberger

Schaufelberger has worked with Favre and fellow Swiss drummer Lucas Niggli since the 1990s, appearing in both improvised and contemporary classical contexts. [...more ]

Pierre Favre – Samuel Blaser

…..when the horn almost becomes a rhythm section, riffing steadily on two notes while Favre assumes the role of soloist. [...more ]

Pierre Favre ” The Drummers “

Pierre Favre wrote a versatile repertoire for his quartet in which the musicians perform a complex, rhythmic structure of the highest level, resulting in a truly remarquable sound experience. [...more ]

The three musicans have a refined sense for the right tone, for what fits together, for a clear design. «Vol à Voile» and «Albatros» create spaces of sound and worlds of rhythm for a series of intense dialogues, that venture into largely unknown grounds, sometimes far off from established routines of improvisation. [...more ]

Pierre Favre – Irene Schweizer

[...more ]