:: Pierre Favre – Irene Schweizer

Two free-improv titans at work – and both Swiss. Percussionist Pierre Favre has been a huge presence in Europe since the 1960s, and his relationship with pianist Irène Schweizer goes back to 1966. Irène and Pierre first played as a duo in the early seventies and have continued to do duos sporadically ever since.

There is an extraordinary balance of two strong, well matched musicians, a mature and well seasoned integration of focused free spirits.

Their way of playing was born in the trio with George Mraz. Back then, they were already playing themes they still play today. The influence of African-American jazz also also showed them the way. Their duo music has remained a melodic music even today, played with lots of smiles. The rhythmic roots are decisive for their music, based on swing, phrasing, and drive, as well as polyrhythmic elements. As improvisers, they are still dancing on a high wire, but the longer they play together, the lighter and more intimate the dance gets.